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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud Services

Many articles have been written about the benefits of cloud computing. In fact, we anticipate that using your computer or mobile device to access services on the cloud will be a way of life for many users around the world.
And while you do not need to know all the technical details of what this entails, it is essentially about running any application from any device from anywhere in the world. This means that you have access to personal photos, work documents, and university assignments wherever you find yourself.
We offers Cloud Services Nationwide

We pride ourselves in offering all our users the best of cloud services for any need. Some of our offerings include:

  • Web-based email access;
  • Online data storage and backup;
  • Hosted office suites;
  • Database processing;
  • Document collaboration; and
  • Technical support.

All our cloud services are:

  • Scalable – Your technology can easily grow with your business;
  • Customisable – We build your IT solution around specific business requirements;
  • Mobile – Access your files and applications from anywhere, anytime; and
  • Money-saving – Cost-effective technology that pays for itself faster.

Still, confused by all that is the cloud? Then give one of our expert consultants a call to find out how we can help you unlock all the benefits there are around cloud computing.

Cloud Backup

Computers and mobile devices are the center of attention for most users and therefore always contain important information.  Backing up this important information should be a matter of course, the reality however is a bit different. Often, people simply do not get time to run backups or save their documents, photos, accounts, and so on.

We offer Cloud Backup Nationwide 

  Our cloud backup services offer the home business to large corporates  the best of all worlds – safe, affordable cloud backup done automatically to a secure server:

  • Initial seeding – This ensures that there are no long transfer times;
  • Automated backups – Your system will automatically update to the online system at regular intervals as determined by you;
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption – Makes sure only you have access to the saved information via a password;
  • Local server replication technology – This ensures quick connections and support systems to easily access your data. And of course, this meets all regulatory requirements; and
  • Cross-platform support – You can manage backups across many platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Give one of our specialist backup consultants a call 

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 you no longer need to worry about using only one machine to access your important documents, spreadsheets, email, and presentations.
Designed to provide powerful solutions to home, business, and school configurations, Office 365 gives you access to any possible document feature you could need. Best of all, you can access it using just about any device whether it is a Windows machine or an iPhone.
We offer Microsoft Office 365 Services Nationwide

Some of the features of Office 365 include:

  • Microsoft Office applications can be accessed via mobile devices and are automatically updated;
  • Access to advanced email functionality and the ability to share calendars with your contacts;
  • The ability to host a conference or group call where you can share screens and take notes in real time;
  • File sharing features that allow more than one user to work on a project or document;
  • Free Web site setup and no hosting fees; and
  • Advanced security features and settings.

If you are looking for the best way to take advantage of the various features and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 then give us a call to speak to one of our expert consultants.

Managed IT Services Solutions

IT Support is traditionally delivered in a reactive way: when something breaks you pick up the phone and an engineer arrives to help.  The engineer invoices you for every hour spent and you don’t see them again until something else goes wrong.  The problem with this approach is that it actually suits IT Support companies when there’s a problem.  More problems mean more hours to invoice.  In reality there probably aren’t many IT Support companies which actually operate this way, much less admit it, but the fact remains it’s a reactive model.  And in todays highly IT-dependant environments, being reactive isn’t good enough.  Downtime today can be extremely costly and could mean lost deals, delays, penalties and frustration.

‘Managed IT Services’ are a different way of approaching IT support.  The actual mechanisms vary depending on the customers needs but there is always a fixed-fee approach.  This means that when there are problems to fix the IT Support company is losing.  A perfect Managed Service customer is a customer with zero problems needing zero support.  Now the customer and the IT Support company are on the same side.  There is therefore a huge emphasis on proactive support.  Checking patches and anti-virus is up to date, regularly checking and testing backups, monitoring all aspects of the network for potential problems like delays or heat build-up.

When performed properly these proactive support techniques reduce the chances of downtime significantly meaning less fixing and more productivity.  For too long customers have viewed IT Support as technology medics and this doesn’t have to be the case.

We love Managed IT and what it means for our customers.  We started the journey years ago and have noticed a huge reduction in downtime and a huge increase in customer satisfaction.  If you’d like to experience it for yourself book an appointment with one of our consultants.  There are numerous strategies available depending on your needs and budget.  We can operate as a fully outsourced IT department handling literally all aspects of your IT.  .  We also offer unlimited telephonic and remote support contracts for a fixed fee per user and have a massive success rate solving problems this way, with extremely fast response times.  Lastly, with one of the largest teams of technicians around the country, and twenty years of experience, we can also help when proactive support is too late and you have a disaster or need a good old fashioned technology medic.  If IT isn’t enabling and benefiting your business it’s time to call us